Five Element Acupuncture

Louise Webster Lic.Ac. MBAcC

Current Procedures for Patients during Coronavirus Outbreak

I am delighted to be able to re-open my acupuncture practice as from Monday 13th July 2020. As I welcome you back, I ask that you familiarise yourself with the changes detailed on this page regarding current clinical procedures and protocols at the acupuncture clinic. Please also review additional details regarding patient screening during the Coronavirus outbreak before you book an appointment.

During this time I have made some necessary changes to keep you safe and to continue to support your needs with acupuncture as follows:

Before your appointment
If you are booking to see me for the first time, I will need to ask you some extra questions related to patient screening. It is important that, for the time being, the time spent in a room during your initial consultation is kept to a minimum, and before your appointment I will asses whether it is appropriate for you to attend the clinic, both for your own safety and that of other patients.  If I decide it is not appropriate for you to come to the clinic, I will review the situation and discuss some further consultation possibilities with you, e.g. by phone or video call.

Social distancing at the clinic
All visitors to the clinic are asked to maintain a one-metre distance from other people in the reception area at all times.
Please come alone for the appointment if you possibly can. If you need to bring an assistant with you, please inform me ahead of the treatment session so that I can alert the receptionist at the clinic that two people will be arriving.
Patient arrival times have been staggered across all therapists working in the clinic so visitors can be socially distanced. In addition, a 15 to 20-minute gap between patients has been implemented to allow time for airing the room and for sanitation procedures to be carried out.

Before arrival
If you or someone you have recently been in contact with develops symptoms of Covid-19 around the time of your appointment, please contact me directly on 07970 260450 before attending the clinic and I will defer your appointment for a minimum of 7 days after your symptoms started, or for 14 days if anyone you have been in contact with tests positive.

UK Government guidance can be found here:

It is preferable that you avoid waiting in the reception area for your appointment, so please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointment and either wait in your car, or outside (weather permitting) until I ring you. I will ask you a couple of screening questions to make sure it’s safe for you to come into the clinic. Please only bring what you need for the appointment – avoid bringing shopping bags etc.

Entering the clinic

The receptionist will let you in the front door and I will open my clinic room door for you on arrival and exit.
If you can avoid using the toilet facilities that would be helpful, however they are available if you need to use them. The receptionist will advise you of current sanitation procedures.
Hand sanitiser is available for use on entering and exiting the reception area and clinic rooms.

Face mask and respiratory hygiene
Current advice dictates that you will need to wear a face mask during your appointment.
I can provide a mask if you do not have one. Please let me know in advance if you have difficulty wearing a mask, (e.g. if you have breathing difficulties), or are otherwise exempt.

Please wear loose fitting clothing for your treatment. I will now be providing a clean sheet for each patient. Towels and blankets will not be available for the moment, but you can bring your own small blanket, towel or sheet if you wish.
I will be wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for both yours and my protection.  For certain parts of your treatment I may also wear a face shield.
Where one metre distancing cannot be observed, face to face treatment will be minimised and the treatment session duration kept to a minimum.  The treatment room is fully sanitised and ventilated before each patient arrives.

Due to increasing costs of running my acupuncture business over recent years, I am increasing consultation charges for the first time since September 2017:
Initial Consultation and Treatment (up to 2 hours) £80
Follow-up Sessions (up to 1 hour) £50
If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact me to discuss payment options.

Payment options are:

  • Through online booking here
  • Payment by Paypal on the day of treatment.
  • Bank transfer on the day of treatment.
  • Card - I can split the consult fee to make it possible for you to pay for the session through contactless payment.
  • Cash. If you wish to pay with cash, please place the correct amount in a sealed envelope. It will not be possible to provide change at the moment.

I am very happy to be welcoming you back to the clinic during these extraordinary times, and hope you understand that my primary concern is for everybody’s welfare. Please rest assured that your treatment session will be as comprehensive as always!

Last updated on 8th July 2020